Farmers Market

The Picton Town Hall has hosted a Farmers Market as far back as 1866 when it was built. It has been a community gathering place for County residents to meet, share stories, sell their wares, and shop for local fare all in the heart of Picton.

After a long hiatus, the Picton Town Hall Board of Management has been working tirelessly since 2019 to build a Farmers Market on the same grounds where a century prior, people from Picton and the surrounding area would attend and purchase goods of all kind.

“We’re very happy this is finally up and running,” expressed Elis Ziegler, Chairperson on the Picton Town Hall Board of Management. “The farmers market was always the intention for the Picton Town Hall Board of Management to start back up again…” (Picton Gazette, Oct 5, 2020)

Starting with two markets in October and a Holiday Farmers Market in December 2020, the Board has created a subcommittee of farmers, growers and makers to run the Fair as a regular event in 2021.

Ready to launch May 16!

Pending COVID restrictions, the Board of Management and Farmers Market Working Group are ready to offer County growers and makers a weekly Sunday Market starting May 16, 10am-2pm. The Market is open to growers and makers in Prince Edward County and Tyendinaga. Vendor registration is now open, offering seasonal, bi-weekly and occasional rates. The first round of vendors have been selected. Additional vendors should complete the registration form and read the handbook and will be contacted. Any questions should be directed to

See the Farmers Market Handbook

See the Farmers Market COVID Workplace Safety Plan

Farmers Market Working Group

Elis Ziegler, Interim Chair / Liaison
Natalie Comeau, Vendor Management, Finance
Amina Haghighi, Marketing
Lucas Sorbara, Member
Devon Williamson, Community volunteer

Interested in the Working Group?

Email and see the Working Group Terms of Reference